Upcoming Gigs

Location When Summary Description
Offenbach am Main, Germany January 26, 2018 Chris Liebing @ Robert Johnson Robert Johnson.
Civitanova Marche, Italy January 27, 2018 Luciano @ Donoma Donoma.
Eindhoven, Netherlands January 27, 2018 Chris Liebing @ Klokgebouw Awakenings Klokgebouw.
Barcelona, Spain January 28, 2018 Luciano @ Pacha Barcelona Pacha Barcelona.
Algiers, Algeria February 1, 2018 Luciano @ The Cube Club Idriss D Invites Luciano For The First Time In Algeria At The Cube Club The Cube Club.
Barcelona, Spain February 2, 2018 Carl Craig @ Nitsa #DETROITLOVE Nitsa.
Porto, Portugal February 3, 2018 Carl Craig @ Industria Club DJ set Industria Club.
Valparaiso, Chile February 9, 2018 Luciano @ Terminal Ferry Terminal Ferry.
Paris, France February 9, 2018 Carl Craig @ Dock Eiffel #DETROITLOVE Dock Eiffel.
Punta del Este, Uruguay February 10, 2018 Luciano @ Ovo Ovo.
Beirut, Lebanon February 10, 2018 Carl Craig @ The Basement DJ set The Basement.
Mar Del Plata, Argentina February 11, 2018 Luciano @ Mutetsounds Mutetsounds.

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